How Do I Know if My Child Is Ready For Camp?

 Camp Revolution requires all potential campers to go through a “registration process” to make sure our camp is the perfect summer camp for you! Please refer to ‘Who Can We Accommodate?’ in this section to determine if we can meet your child’s needs at camp.  The process begins by completing an online registration  form. Board members will review each application individually to  determine if we are able to accommodate your camper’s requirements, and possibly have a board member interview the applicant. We strive to make sure each person’s camping experience at Camp Revolution is everything you expect.  Beyond this process, families often know their child is ready for camp because they let you know. You may have a desire for your child to feel empowered, gain independence, grow socially and make new friends, or you may want to expose them to an adventure outside of their normal environment. Whatever the reason, Camp Revolution is a life-changing event for both campers and our devoted staff!

What Will My Camper Gain By Attending Camp Revolution?

The benefit each person takes away from the camp experience is as unique as our campers. Our camp provides all of the traditional camp experiences: athletics, campfires, hiking, arts/crafts, music, drama, water activities, and more. What makes us unique?  We pride ourselves in offering outdoor education and a science/ecology component to Camp Revolution. We place special emphasis on fostering self-esteem, expanding social skills, team building, inclusion, and having a great time in a safe environment.

Does My Child Need Previous Camp Experience Before?

 Our programs do not require any previous camp experience. However we do have criteria campers must meet to attend. Please see ‘Who Can We Accommodate?’ below.

What is the Counselor to Camper Ratio?

 1:3 = 1 counselor to 3 campers. Additionally, there will be an abundance of Camp Counselors to assist with daytime activities. Each cabin will have 1 Adult minimum per cabin (no co-ed cabins).

How Much Does Camp Cost?

 $500 for a 3 night/4 day camp

Who Can We Accommodate?

 Camp Revolution can accommodate teens and adults, ages 15 – 45, with a developmental, learning, communication and/or emotional disability. This includes but is not limited to: Autism, Down syndrome, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, and various intellectual disabilities.

To qualify for our camp,  a camper must be capable of our 1:3 counselor/camper ratios. We do have a limited space for a camper to have a 1:1 aide, which is on a first come first serve basis.   Please note, if your camper needs a 1:1 aide, you are responsible for the cost of your camper, and the cost of the aide staying at Alliance Redwoods. Inclusion Revolution, Inc. will be responsible for the cost of the 1:1 aide's background check.

The welfare and safety of our campers is always our number one priority. Campers need to meet the following criteria: Be ambulatory, independent in hygiene tasks (toileting, showering, brushing teeth), capable of following direction, responsive to correction of inappropriate behavior, able to remain with a group, and non-aggressive towards others. We cannot accept those who are prone to bolting or wandering or those needing behavioral therapy and constant re-direction.

What Are The Camp Accommodations Like?

Please refer to our Facilities Overview page

Are There Water Activities?

Yes. We do have a swimming pool. We have a life-guard on duty at all times and please let us know the swimming level of your camper. Each camper will have to take a swim test proctored by an Alliance Redwoods Lifeguard Redwoods to determine their levels.

My camper has a special diet, can you accommodate?

Yes. We can accommodate any type of dietary needs but need to know beforehand for preparation.  Please refer to our meal accommodations page

What If My Camper Takes Medication?

 We have a strict camp policy that all medications are inputted into CampDocs and  collected at camp check-in. Medications are stored in the nurse’s station at camp. Please click here for our medication policy.

Where Is Camp Revolution Located?

Camp Revolution is located at Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds in Occidental, CA. Camp Revolution is primarily an outdoor experience with hiking, lots of walking, and fresh air. The conference grounds will have other groups at the same time that are not with Camp Revolution. Alliance Redwoods is home to many retreats and school outdoor education programs, so they are used to having many campers at one time and assuring the safety of all.

How Many Campers Can Attend?

 Our accommodations vary from year to year.  We try to keep our maximum at 50 campers total. 

How Can I Contact My Child During Camp?

Due to limited  cell reception at Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds, we are not always immediately reachable. There is a house phone on site which we are able to use for emergencies and you are able to call in for emergencies. We will be able to receive emails and texts and will be uploading photos on our Facebook daily so you can see what your camper has been up to all day!  Alliance Redwoods has a copy of our schedule so are able to find us at any moment should you require. 

What Are Your Policies Regarding Payments & Forms?

For all payment, deposit, refunds, and forms policies please refer to our Policies and Camp Criteria page.

Do You Offer Transportation To & From Camp?

We do not offer transportation to or from camp. It will be the responsibility of each camper's guardian to arrive and depart from camp at the designated times.

What If Camp Is Full?

Camp Revolution maintains a waiting list and will notify you should a space becomes available.

What If My Child Wants To Come Home?

Our staff and Board of Directors at Camp Revolution will make every effort to help your camper feel comfortable, safe, and happily engaged. However, if your camper expresses an interest to return home during his/her stay we will follow the guidelines you have requested on your camp application. Should it become necessary for your camper to leave camp, for any reason, you will be responsible for making provision to bring your camper home.  If your camper is sick, has a fever, or comes down with a medical illness, we are required to call the parent to come pick up their camper.